One storey house near vineyards

In a quiet common courtyard, with 3 other properties, lies a single storey house built in the 1970s with a small garden. The property includes one tool shed and two small barns. This one storey house is perfect if you want a pied-à-terre in a famous wine village.
Built in the 1970s it consists of an entrance which leads to a bedroom on the left hand side, and opposite into a shower room with WC; on the right you enter into a large living room with windows overlooking the garden.
A little further to the left, on the common path, you will find a barn and an awning whose back wall is formed by rock

Dit huis is te koop via Makelaar

Vraagprijs: € 68000

Oppervlak perceel: 216m2
Oppervlak vastgoed: 53m2

Meer informatie zie website of bel 03 80 20 86 20

Geplaats door: FRANCE 4 U

One storey house near vineyards